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Since 2013, OneAfricanChild has supported over 12,000 children in hard-to-reach communities like Gaa Alaanu with experiential programs to improve children’s access to learning. As we celebrate our 7th anniversary, we are taking a bold step in establishing our first creative learning centre to give better opportunities to disadvantaged children in Gaa-Alaanu, Kwara state and across Nigeria. Read More Below or Join the Campaign Now. 


Current State of Gaa Alaanu School


For years, children of Gaa Alaanu community have had to face the sheer distress of having to learn in a dilapidated building without books, stationery, and even chairs. Due to a lack of infrastructure and conducive learning environment, the students are neither able to read nor write as they should. Prior to the pandemic, children in this community already lack access to quality education and lifelong learning. The pandemic has further exacerbated the disparity in inequality for low income communities like Gaa-Alaanu where we work day-to-day. 

Our core belief at OneAfricanChild is that every child should have access to quality education wherever and whoever they are. Therefore, OneAfricanChild Foundation is seeking your support to create its first creative learning centre at the Gaa Alaanu community to support children in this community with better ways of learning. Part of our goal is first to renovate the local school which is almost falling. In addition to this, we are providing new and creative approaches to engaging students to maximize their spaces and overcome the challenges in learning in a school with minimal school facilities. Our impact will result in better learning outcomes for the children while we train teachers on creative ways of engaging students in resource-poor communities. 


Goal: Raise $20,000 and channel funding towards: 


  • 50% to renovate Gaa-Alaanu School and providing basic infrastructure and learning materials
  • 50% to train and retain two full-time teachers for a years

    We are calling on your support to grant our 7th Anniversary Wish by donating to this project. Our goal is to raise 7,000,000 naira (20,000 USD) to help us take our first steps towards making this a reality. 


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