What We Do

OneAfricanChild Foundation exists to train young people on Global Citizenship Education and Peace building so that they can grow to become active agents of change in the society. Through our empowerment programs, we ensure the sustainability of the leadership experience necessary for our beneficiaries to partake in the transformation of their communities and the world.

Eligibility Requirements

Membership will be based on an online registration and upon acceptance, consistent contributions to the development of individual’s local or immediate community. Members of this organisation will have shown dedication towards achieving organisational objectives and goals.

1. We are looking for committed volunteers who will dedicate a substantial amount of time towards our online and field projects.

2. Volunteers must be willing to learn and share their leadership experience with the communities we work with.

3. Volunteers must be responsible citizens. They must act at all times in the best interest of the organisation.

Key Objectives for Membership

  • To train and support people who are willing to foster creativity, education, and innovation among young Africans.
  • To create common tasks, dialogues and campaigns to achieve our vision.
  • To provide opportunities for children and other young Africans to make real responses to local issues.
  • To inspire platforms that promote the proper growth of the African child.
  • To develop individual abilities and dispositions so that children can become effective players in an ever-changing world.


Find Your Fit

To maximize your volunteering experience, you can have a look at the description of our teams. We do hope you find a team that matches your passion.
Education Development Team

The core responsibility of this team is to develop a curriculum that could be personalized to OAC, and used subsequently.This team is responsible for creating the materials that OAC facilitators would use for workshops. They are to pull together resources and package them in a simple manner and disseminate them to facilitators. Sometimes, they could teach facilitators in order to prepare them for a workshop.

Who’s this for? If you enjoy planning, organizing, surfing the web then welcome aboard.

Programs Team


The programs team is in charge of specific projects within the organisation. They determine how a program is to be implemented, which tasks need to be completed, and how to go about it in order to achieve the greatest level of success. They may also take care of hiring people and finding volunteers to help in executing projects.

Who’s this for?: If you seamlessly love planning, organizing and working behind the scene to make things beautiful, we have got you covered!

PR/Online Team

This team is like the face of OAC. They represent OAC and make OAC look good. The primary responsibility of this team is to look for schools OAC could work with. They get information like the size of the students in the classes we want to work with, if school staff would be with us during workshops etc. They also liaise with schools in order to allow OAC meet their wonderful pupils.

Who’s this for?: If you’re a people-person, friendly, and have presentation skills, then welcome aboard!

Finance Team

The primary responsibility of this team is to get sponsors who would help OAC grow as an organization. In addition, they also seek other means of generating revenue for OAC.

Who’s this for?: If you enjoy sales and marketing, then come talk to us about a potential sponsor.

We currently have a physical presence in Nigeria, Kenya and Benin Republic. We are a group of energetic and passionate youths championing the cause of positive change in our local communities.

Our Office

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