Stories of Impact

OneAfricanChild Foundation for Creative Learning, established on November 20, 2013, is more than just an organization. It embodies a powerful vision and an unwavering commitment to transforming the lives of African children from disadvantaged communities. Our journey began with a simple, yet, profound belief: that every child has the potential to be a change agent, a leader, and a force for good in their own community.

At the heart of our mission is Global Citizenship and Peacebuilding Education (GCED), a transformative approach that equips young learners with the ethical leadership skills, creativity, and innovation needed to address local challenges. We provide the fertile ground for self-expression, imagination, and the practical application of knowledge, nurturing the seeds of positive change within each child we reach.

OneAfricanChild is unique in that it is entirely youth-led, with young leaders from our very own communities at the forefront of our humanitarian efforts. Our name reflects our belief that we can collectively create profound change, OneAfricanChild at a time.

Over the past 10 years, we’ve reached over 50,000 learners and equipped more than 2,000 teachers with essential skills in Social Emotional Learning, Global Citizenship, Digital Literacy, and Peace Education.

As we embark on this journey of “100 Stories of Impact” we invite you to delve into the heartwarming narratives of transformation. These stories are categorized into three pillars: Volunteers, Donors, and Teachers. Each story encapsulates the essence of our organization’s ethos and the profound effect it has on individuals and communities.

Join us as we celebrate the dedication of our volunteers, the generosity of our donors, and the commitment of our teachers. These stories are a testament to the power of education, innovation, and the unwavering spirit of those who believe in change, one story at a time.

Welcome to the tapestry of “100 Stories of Impact,” where every thread weaves a brighter future for Africa’s children, one story, one life, at a time.

The “100 Stories of Impact” report beautifully captures the transformational journey of OneAfricanChild Foundation over the past decade. Through the candid reflections of volunteers, partners, and beneficiaries, a powerful narrative emerges – one of hope, resilience, and the unwavering belief that education can empower lives. 

Several key themes resonate throughout these stories. The first is the incredible impact generated by the collective efforts of OAC’s volunteers and collaborators. Driven by a shared vision, this group of passionate individuals has reached over 50,000 learners across Nigeria and Kenya. Their commitment demonstrates the power of shared purpose in creating meaningful change.

Another recurring theme is OAC’s role in developing young leaders. By providing opportunities to facilitate workshops, lead teams, and collaborate internationally, OAC has nurtured essential skills in communication, empathy, project management and more. Volunteers describe how their experiences equipped them for new ventures in education, technology, policy and beyond.

Additionally, the stories highlight OAC’s role as a connector. Through the organization, friendships have formed and networks expanded, leading to new ideas, resources and possibilities. This spirit of openness and collaboration has been instrumental to OAC’s success.

As we reflect on a decade of impact, OAC’s future is bright. With new chapters blossoming and partners like Learning Equality and Peace First supporting our mission, OAC is poised to scale its programs and serve even more communities. If the last ten years are any indication, the next decade will surely be transformative.

At its core, this report conveys the message that positive change takes root when people come together around a shared purpose. Guided by knowledge, compassion and hope, ordinary individuals can achieve extraordinary impact. OneAfricanChild Foundation exemplifies this belief through action, transforming young lives one story at a time.

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