Transporting the African heritage

We represent our local communities because we recognize our roots

Preparing young minds for the challenges ahead

We educate youths via Global Citizenship Education (GCED)

Creating platforms for youths to express their innovative ideas

We give opportunities to youths to express their creativity

Reaching out to the local communities

We believe that every child has the right to enjoy quality education

Supporting Out of School Children

Join the train and help children back to school

Every day, African children without access to quality education are on the increase because of bad leadership and unequal distribution of resources. But it doesn’t have to be this way.
One African Child Foundation for Creative Learning is dedicated to supporting African children in marginalized communities, one child at a time. We believe in raising proactive agents of change in local communities.

Our Core Values


We work with highly innovative and creative youths with powerful ideas to change the narrative of education in Africa. Innovation is key in driving the change we seek.


We are a group of passionate and energetic young minds and we love what we do. It’s hard to survive in volunteering without passion because it is simply the fuel that keeps us going.


In the execution of our projects, we hold accountability and transparency in high esteem. We portray the integrity, selflessness, and generosity that we preach.

Our Channels of Engagement

Online Advocacy


Educational Support

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We currently have a physical presence in Nigeria, Kenya and Benin Republic. We are a group of energetic and passionate youths championing the cause of positive change in our local communities.

Our Office