The Workshop was an eye-opener to me, it was also practical and realistic, the aim of the workshop I guess was to build the capacity of Educators in order to be able to deliver an adequate lesson that promotes PEACE in our various Communities. I learned about Peace Building and Conflict Resolution techniques or Methods which include: Accommodating, Compromising, Collaboration, Avoiding, Competing, problem-solving skills, in addition, Emotional intelligence which will also have great impacts on conflict resolution. Furthermore, it Should be noted here that not all the above-mentioned techniques are appropriate for all scenarios, therefore, the application of each technique depends on the situation at hand. Thanks

The second workshop was mind-blowing and impactful, I learned about Communication skills, Active Listening to be precise, by being active in a conversation as an Educator with my students or people around me, it simply means I am present or I’m in the moment with the encoder of information. Also, as Peace Builders, we need to possess good listening skills, in fact, we are meant to be good listeners as Educators or Peace Builders. We are to show respect for other people’s feelings or opinions and we shouldn’t judge them. I also learned about 7 powerful active listening techniques which include: Encouraging, Eliciting, Restating, Clarifying, Empathising, Summarizing, and finally, Reframing, they will be intentionally applied to get positive results. In addition, the role of Gender in Education and how Educators can help in ending SRGBU, which include the use of appropriate and relevant Instructional Materials and also helping schools to set up Peace Clubs where issues of concern can be discussed and resolved. Finally, Storytelling techniques.

To be sincere, I will have to be conscious and intentional about the application of everything I have learned as an educator during the workshops, as a matter of fact, I need to go through my book over and over again, meaning as I journey through life, I need to learn, unlearn and also relearn. In addition, the consciousness of being a Peace Builder is in me already, I need to understand the situation first before applying any of the Conflict Resolution techniques, to my Learners and people around me, I will want to be an Active Listener and not to be judgemental.

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