The Nigerian government has the obligation to uphold the human rights of its citizens, and efficiently respond to its violations ongoing across the country. As OneAfricanChild Foundation for Creative Learning, we call upon the government of Nigeria to protect its citizens through humane measures and condemn the killings of peaceful protesters. The citizens of Nigeria have the right and freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

The government of Nigeria needs to take responsibility for the open firing that occurred at Lekki on Tuesday, 20 October 2020, which led to fatalities and injuries. The country had experienced a human rights violation crisis and therefore, it is necessary to acknowledge the loss of lives and shun away from any further killings or activities that might lead to more fatalities. As a human rights organization focused on equality and inclusivity not only in education but all spheres of life, we condemn the killings of the peaceful protesters and the continuous violation of human rights of citizens in the country. Life is a paramount gift given to all humans and must be protected. The government of Nigeria has failed in its responsibility of protecting this right as provided by the Nigerian constitution. We, therefore, call upon the government of Nigeria, the African Union (AU), the United Nations (UN) and all the stakeholders to hold the soldiers and any perpetrator accountable for the violations that are ongoing in the country.

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