Another day without food for a home in our country 

is a threat to our democracy’s survival, 

food insecurity is a lenient synonym of life insecurity; 

some kids who lost their beauty before losing their lives to kwashiorkor,

others, who scavenge on food poisoning cause their home couldn’t provide for them. 

Another day of the blindness that made us neglect agriculture, 

hoping the land tills itself, will leave us with no option but hunger, food scarcity, extreme cost of available food items

and a community of amoral youths

selling their conscience for a plate of cereal. 

If you ask me, I will ask you too,

“How on earth did we get here?”

How could we have forgotten God’s blessings upon us;

our rainforest, our savannah and the large expanse of land Up North

nurtured by irrigation to produce more food? 

How on earth did our city brothers and sisters grow so much detest for agriculture that they still find 

sins in practicing Peri urban agriculture?

If I won’t say more words after these, I will use my last words 

to tell you, brothers and sisters, that it is time

we come bonding as one in support of food security,

hunger reduction and agriculture development, 

It is time you transform your backyard to a mini field of Spinach, Pepper, scent leaf,

It is time you turn every polythene bag for groceries to Okro or Cucumber stand. 

Let Zero Hunger start with you, 

it is never impossible to achieve.

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