Support Youth Visions of Peace: Peacebuilding processes should be inclusive of the youth as views are equally impactful in the design and implementation of peacebuilding interventions.

Create Space for Youth to Engage in Political Processes: There should be a sustained commitment to including the youth in political processes rather than leaving them out.

Facilitate and Support Dignified Livelihoods: Creating greater economic opportunities for youth is necessary to motivate young people to pursue peaceful and productive paths in their lives. Furthermore, enabling a community that is protective of the peaceful path is also vital.

Support Peace Education and Capacity Building: Access to quality education is fundamental for facilitating the youth’s positive engagement in peace. Such an educational curriculum should include content on civic and peace education.

Facilitate Inter-community Dialogue and Exchanges: Initiatives that help foster community-development and peacebuilding should be targeted at the youth to build collaboration across communities.

Youths collaborating are a major driver for the change we seek.

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