As an educator, I have come to appreciate that children thrive in peaceful societies. For instance, kids from peaceful backgrounds are more likely to perform better academically, control their emotions better, and are less likely to be violent. In fact, kids are the greatest beneficiaries of a peaceful society. Sadly, they are the most affected too in case of violence.

It’s worth noting that kids look up to adults around them as their peace shapers. These adults include; parents, teachers, caregivers, and so forth. The adults around children should therefore shape peace for the young ones.

On this day, as we acknowledge the efforts of our governments, various organizations, and individuals in making the world more peaceful, we should, in the same breath, condemn violence against the vulnerable amongst us and as a teacher, I can’t help but condemn violence against children in form of; early forced marriages, rape, child labour among many others.

It’s our responsibility as adults to shape peace together not only for our sake but also for our children’s sake.

The writer is a teacher and writer based in Nairobi. He is also a volunteer to the ONE AFRICA CHILD organization.

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