Promoting Digital Literacy with Learning Equality

We are thrilled to announce that OneAfricanChild Foundation is a  recipient of the Learning Equality Kolibri Hardware Grant! With the grant, we will empower local teachers and students with digital literacy skills to compliment our ongoing projects on education for sustainable development and global citizenship.

Kolibri is Learning Equality’s free and open source platform bringing digital educational resources to areas with limited Internet connectivity. Kolibri makes high-quality education technology available in low-resource communities such as rural schools, refugee camps, orphanages, non-formal school systems, and prison systems. Beyond access, Learning Equality is committed to supporting Kolibri users and ensuring their resources are locally-relevant and customizable to be aligned with local curricula. Since 2017, Learning Equality has supported organizations in purchasing hardware on which they can run Kolibri in both formal and informal learning contexts.

OneAfricanChild Foundation will be deploying Kolibri in an informal setting, as many of our projects involve reaching out to children in disconnected communities. The grant will enable us empower 2,500 children in underserved communities such as Tarkwa Bay Island where we currently run an ongoing Education for Sustainable Development project, and neighboring schools. It will also strengthen the impact of our teacher’s training program as we aim to reach 500 teachers in Nigeria over the span of two years.

Using blended learning, we will engage our target audience in the most practical ways. Resources from the Kolibri studio such as Sikina, TESSA and Blocky Games are particular useful as we work to transfer lifeskills to our students.

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