About OneAfricanChild Foundation for Creative Learning

On November 20, 2013, the foundation was established with a handful of passionate members at the University of Ibadan with the goal of helping African children in marginalized communities. The non-governmental organization (NGO) founded by Miss Victoria Ibiwoye focuses on empowering children with Global Citizenship and Peace Building Education.


The organization is 100% youth-led and has an active network of over 200 volunteers in Nigeria, Cameroon, Benin Republic, and Kenya.


In four years of its existence, the organization has embarked on several projects that have positively impacted the lives of thousands of children in Africa.

These are the inspiring stories of our volunteers as they talk about their volunteering with OneAfricanChild Foundation for Creative Learning.

Inspiring Stories

Temidire Balogun

Temidire Balogun

 I attended my first meet in NAOWA for the ESD training for teachers on Emotional intelligence. Was a great experience. I didn’t know much about Emotional intelligence prior but at the end I got more insight. I even got to answer some questions the teachers asked, it was frightening but I didn’t do so bad. Another impact for me has definitely been the Masterclass. I follow it One of the classes that drew my attention was one on climate change. The facilitator talked about how she used some innovative ways to describe climate change to children. That was interesting.
Another facilitator talked on traveling and volunteering but said it’s important we start volunteering in our country, then other African countries then Europe and the likes. Also talked about owning 10 books, a passport and driver’s license before 18. Never knew that,But the biggest impact so far has been the members. I haven’t talked to a lot of people privately, which I’m holding myself responsible. But y’all inspire me. Your passion and dedication to drive change is infectious and I’m glad I joined the family.
Temidire Balogun

Rowland Dappa Kingsley

I sincerely want to thank God for making it possible for me to have joined  OAC since last year November, I lack words to express how much knowledge I have gained through the various symposiums and training from one African child foundation international, under OAC I have learnt selfless leadership and have been trained towards self-development and self-management, the masterclass session is a mind blowing session for me because it has been helpful to me in building team spirit and community development under this family I have learnt to position myself towards actualizing content development, research methods and growth responsibility and also education For creative thinking has exposed me to many dynamic actions that have even been helpful to me in my personal learning behavior &  learning with ease. To me, one African child foundation is a family and I have learned to accept our individual uniqueness, there’s nothing more I can ask of God than belonging to such a family that has helped me to organize and discover my potential as a young fellow in changing the stories of communities and also investing in. Human capacity building & life skills development curriculum. I also want to appreciate my teammates and my directors of OAC & entire curriculum development team, Victoria Ibiwoye, Chinyere and my port Harcourt OAC Hub family and many teammates for exposing me to high tasking activities that sprung up the best in me.
Temidire Balogun

Oluwadamilola Akinbowale

OneAfricanChild Foundation for Creative Learning has definitely been a huge impact on me since I joined in February 2016. In terms of networking, my professional circle has grown as the OAC team is filled with like-minded individuals who are passionate and highly creative educators. Also, I have developed some skills volunteering with OAC like communication skills, emotional intelligence, interpersonal skills, soft skills, leadership skills amongst others. I have benefited intellectually from our projects and training also.
My zeal to give and do more to achieve sustainable development has been increased by being a member of OAC. I am blessed to be a part of this team, empowering lives one African child at a time
Temidire Balogun

Ray Ndebi

I joined OAC shortly after the Foundation was created. Victoria just contacted me on Twitter, as I was marketing my novel disclosing the struggle of an orphan in a ghetto. I just accepted, not needing any second thought. 4 years! Lord knows how laborious they have been. From a group of Nigerian students to a Family with members in many countries in Africa and overseas. Apart from this beautiful growing Family, I’ve improved a large range of skills in Management and Communication. As the OAC Director of Media & Com, I feel closer to the interests of people, and what makes their days has just become my life. The next four years shall take us higher, I know. I promised Victoria, when I joined OAC, that we would have 40 years together. This is just the beginning.
Temidire Balogun

Blessing Uwisike

It’s a privilege to work with fellow passionate volunteers who don’t see the pain in going out of their way to secure a child’s future. The OAC gospel is one that I will continually preach, and what is it? Everyone child deserves to be educated, and everyone can make a difference in a child that needs to be educated. as one of the founding members, I can categorically say, this is what we preach, and this is what we do. Happy anniversary to OAC
Temidire Balogun


One African Child has opened my eyes to many more things that I can do to cause a change in my society.  I crave to make an impact and with OAC, I am achieving that already.  The master classes, training and many more have been so educative and informative.  Since we are a product of the information we possess, OAC has made me richer with information.  Now, I am a better leader, better educator, better team player and a better member of the society. This year, I have grown and OAC is an integral part of that growth.
Temidire Balogun

Afolayan Tolulope

OAC is a life giver… Education is indeed life and that is what OAC is all about. Being a part of such organization with no ulterior motive but to give to children what they truly deserve is just all I could ever dream of. I have always had the passion for kids and education but I knew immediately I became part of this organization that my passion was not even close. I have lost count of how many lives OAC has touched over the years, and I honestly can’t imagine how many nations more in years to come. A group of passion-driven youths is a force to reckon with…OAC is a force to reckon with!
Temidire Balogun

Chinyere Ihuegbu

OAC has been a wonderful platform and opportunity to channel my interest in solving a long-standing problem in Nigeria – education. By joining this organization, I am learning new things, meeting wonderful young world-changers and making my world a better place. It’s like the founder Ms. Victoria Ibiwoye once said: “It’s about thinking globally while acting locally”. This attitude is slowly becoming a reality while working in OAC.
Temidire Balogun

Joshua Agbomedarho

One African Child is an organization geared towards adding value to the society irrespective of current challenges. Through effective teamwork, synergy, and unity, we’ve stayed this long and we’re here to stay for the next decade because development is continuous. It’s been an awesome experience working with the best team to impact the African child. A life of impact is the best story to be told by an African volunteer.
Temidire Balogun

Okeowo Segun Daniel

Have joined OAC for while now and I can’t my experience so far is so amazing. OAC has helped me to give more to humanity and impact more to the world. I have met so many amazing individuals in OAC who has really motivated me to be a better me. It has been an amazing experience so far and I keep learning more and hope to impact more.
Temidire Balogun

Yusuf Qudus Oyindamola

Joining OAC has been one of the best decisions I have made in 2017, all thanks to Habeeb Kolade, a longtime friend. Although I have known OAC since its birth 4years ago in the University of Ibadan, I couldn’t join while I was an undergraduate due to some issues. However, the little time I have spent with OAC has made me fall in love with the FAMILY. OAC is a family where I belong, I share her ideals, principles and ideological leaning. I have been able to also develop myself more while making an impact as a member of OAC. I believe if the world could have a prototype of OAC each in every country, then the change we all desire it here already. Btw olamultiply I have heard a lot about you, although we haven’t met, but I have learnt multiplication table in a new way through your style.
Temidire Balogun

Jeffrey Kosgei

Joining OneAfricanChild for me was the best decision I made. Through this platform, I have come to realize the importance of commitment in our quest to make our differences. I have been continually challenged, equipped and empowered to do more within my sphere and to think beyond our immediate boundaries as global citizens. As we celebrate the fourth anniversary, I would like to commend the sacrifices made by each Volunteer towards the realization of our mission as OAC.
Temidire Balogun

Adeboye Adebukola

I was hungry to volunteer at all cost, little did I know that I couldn’t empathize with people. Cultivating empathy wasn’t my thing all through the years have been volunteering in various organizations, I was always good at sympathizing with people I couldn’t put myself in their shoes, I grew tough by the day due to circumstances around me, it was bad that when someone cries or in a pain I wouldn’t be too moved, because I felt you should be strong and rise above all. This year’s OAC objective is Education for Sustainable Development, this topic exposed me to a lot of things, most especially the topic of Emotional Intelligence. This made me understand better how to empathize with people around.
Temidire Balogun

Tobi Bamuyiwa

The joy you feel knowing that you have influenced a child or educator positively. It can’t be exaggerated.
Temidire Balogun

Olamide Ogunsanya

I remembered I joined One African Child in 2015, and I have been inactive for weekends meeting due to my work schedule but in 2016/2017 I made the decision to be active and I have been attending OAC meetings and training. After which have been part of OAC training and programmes. On the international day of the girl child, I went to Tarkwa Bay with some other volunteers of OAC, we met with some other volunteer groups and I was recommended for a capacity Building training in few weeks’ time. For this, I had made the decision to be active to build my personal and professional competence.
Temidire Balogun

Abdulsamod Balogun

I was opportuned to be part of the ESD Trainings One African Child organized for teachers of NAOWA Primary School and I have to confess that it was an impactful and brainwarming experience. It was my first time going out with the team and I’m not dissapointed. The atmosphere of family and friendliness hovered around the team. I found it easy communicating with all volunteers present at the event. It also afforded me the opportunity to share my first hand personal experience with regards to negligence of psychological behavior of students by teachers. Learning goes beyond just reading and teaching, the training did just enough to create an upshoot of creativity in all the teachers present. For me, ESD Training is strategic to equip teachers with skills and knowledge so that they can keep offering quality educational services to pupils in the class. It’ll also help them churn out students who will excel on a global scale.  I have to commend OAC for the rich content for their curriculum on Emotional Intelligence. With the participation and engagement that the training had, I’m convinced that ESD training will go a long way to shape the present and future of quality education in Nigeria.
Temidire Balogun

Victoria Ibiwoye

OneAfricanChild has showed me the power of “ONE”. That even as one person with a strong unrelenting vision, we can make a huge difference in our community and society with little bold steps. I have seen the vision of the organisation expand from transforming the lives of marginalised African children to raising community youth leaders working selflessly to preserve the African heritage through education. Thinking of his far we have come, I am overwhelmed and deeply grateful to everyone who has shared in our vision and continue to support our work for the greater good!
Temidire Balogun

Adekunle IbukunOluwa Adedeji

It feels great when I’m called to join a team made up of great minds and joyful hearts. I so much enjoy every bit of our outreach, trainings, meetings, and hangout. Joining One African Child is something I so much thank myself for doing. Right from the first outreach while we were growing inside that small compound of Victoria ( UI). 2017 has been an awesome year especially when we were invited by Dreams from the slum at Ajegunle. To see the zeal in the teachers to learn from us and interact with us and realise that the Ajegunle I was told wasn’t the one I visited. Apart from being an educator have learnt a lot from the series of Masterclass sessions. I really can’t wait for 2018, when we hit more milestones and save more lives.
Temidire Balogun

Samuel Osho

I can vividly remember my first outreach with OAC in 2014, it was at Jesus Children Missions Home in Ibadan, when I saw the children and the joy in their hearts, my eyes became a pool of tears. When they saw us, they embraced us like they would do to their family members. Ever since then, I have seen OAC paint faces of marginalized children with smiles. And I am so proud to be a part of this family.
Temidire Balogun

Ibiwoye Christiana

OAC helped me realize that there is life beyond what we see… There is hope out there for kids with not enough to live by the day… And we shouldn’t wait till we can lend a hand to several individuals… Lending a hand to one individual at a time can bring about change… Let’ s start with one today and we will get to everyone
Temidire Balogun

Yasheeka Divine

In 2014, I received a message on Twitter from Victoria in regards to her organization expanding to more African countries such as Malawi, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Ghana and many more. Within this expansion, she was planning a 4-week training for the new members to learn about OAC’s values and general leadership. So as she was explaining how she wanted the training to run, she also asked if I could be the 1st-week facilitator! I was instantly filled with joy and honor as I am a huge supporter of Victoria’s mission and OneAfricanChild. Needless to say, I was there to not only facilitate the 1st week but 1 week turned into 2, then, 3 and then to my surprise I was there for the entire training as a facilitator. I reside in the USA (North Carolina at the time of training) so I made sure I was up posting during the appropriate hours meaning most nights I was up at strange times just so I could interact with the volunteers in their specific time zone. I have a deep passion for OAC. It’s as if God placed this young lady in my life at the right time. My biggest dream is to come do the great work of OAC over in Africa one day. I pray that dream comes true. Some years later in 2016, I got a message from my sweet Victoria stating that she would be visiting the United States Institute of Peace in Washington DC and had also invited me to come visit. I hopped in my car and made my way to see this beautiful dynamic young woman. It’s as if God just knew because as soon as I arrived and found a parking space, I checked my rearview mirror and saw my lovely lady walking right up behind my car. We shared hugs and laughs that day. I was also able to give her a copy of my book. Since then I have watched OAC grow tremendously and this is just the beginning! God bless all the caring hands involved with OAC – God bless the children.
Temidire Balogun

Bolanle Adeniran

I’m happy to be a part of this great cause and being able to grow through this platform.
One African Child has taught me a lot. I have come to see that there are a lot of problems in the world, more than we see and hear. Being a part of a platform that sees to proffering solutions across countries to these problems is amazing.
Happy Anniversary OAC continues being amazing.
Thank you for giving me a platform to reach out to people.
Thank you, Victoria my Wonder Woman!
Temidire Balogun

Constant Odounfa

Quatre années qu’a vu le jour ce bébé, né de la vision d’une personne extraordinaire qui porte en elle la ferme volonté d’apporter un changement positif à sa communauté. Une personne qui a su communiquer cette passion et cet engouement à des centaines de jeunes et enfants en Afrique et au-delà.
Au bout de 4 ans, OAC ce petit enfant né de la vision de Victoria Ibiwoye, a su impacter la vie de milliers de gens :
– de jeunes leaders qui portent en eux la passion d’agir pour changer la destinée de leurs communautés et en qui OAC nourrit et cultive cette passion chaque jour,
– d’enfants qui ont pu avoir accès à une éducation de qualité par le biais de ces jeunes leaders et volontaires, se donnant corps et âme à la mission, et faisant de ces enfants des êtres avec une confiance renouvelée en l’avenir et une ferme volonté de transformer à leur tour la société.
Après 4 ans, nos actions au Nigéria, au Kenya, au Malawi, au Cameroun, en Tanzanie, en Afrique du Sud et au Bénin parlent pour nous. Et ceci, c’est grâce à tous ces jeunes, mais aussi grâce à vous qui nous suivez et nous soutenez de loin.
Merci d’être avec nous ; ce voyage, nous sommes heureux de le faire avec vous. Nous sommes conscients qu’il reste du chemin à faire, et nous savons qu’avec votre soutien, nous franchirons ensemble des montagnes, au service de nos enfants.

We currently have a physical presence in Nigeria, Kenya and Benin Republic. We are a group of energetic and passionate youths championing the cause of positive change in our local communities.

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