Beautiful Mind by Silas Ishie

The greatest gift to mankind is our imagination. You can be in any part of the world with the gift of imagination. You can paint beautiful pictures with the gift of imagination. You can create the unseen with the gift of imagination. It’s with this most important gift that thoughts are built, stories written, ideas generated into reality and most important of them all, knowledge made available within reach.

The beauty of knowledge encapsulated in written and audio format is worth more than gold, with knowledge thought processes are sharpened, information transmitted, creativity sparked and most importantly ignorance dispelled as light breaks forth when knowledge is made bare.

Indeed, the real treasures that we have in our days are not those found beneath the ground but those that dwell between our ears (our minds). The catalyst to stimulate the treasures within are embedded in the scribblings of knowledge on paper which can be transformed into other formats.

Books are beautiful expressions of ideas, thoughts, researches and life experiences which have the ability to birth more expressions. As we celebrate World Book Day let’s keep this in mind that your greatest gift is your imagination and you’re responsible for feeding it. The gateway to feeding your imagination is through reading. Embrace the reading culture today.

Happy World Book Day!

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