Gender inequality has become a major issue which is being discussed around the world especially in the African continent today. Gender was not originally created to place preference on a particular gender but to ensure the continuous existence of human race. It is worthy of note that the female gender is the most populated in the world but is rarely heard due to the various mentalities on which our society operates.


The girl child is faced with different challenges which range from physical abuse to lack of access to proper education, child labor, gender-based violence, child marriage, sexual abuse amongst others but still there is more to a girl child than all these. Every girl child has the power to shape their lives and the world around them if an opportunity is given. I believe that if the voices of young females are included in decision-making processes, the society and the nation would become more prosperous. In 2015, leaders around the world agreed upon global goals that will shape the development of our planet until 2030. Until we understand that if we do not unlock the power of girls around the world, we cannot achieve those targets and girls would continually be left behind. It is time to realize that girls have rights and these rights must be respected. Girls must have the right to lead so that their rights are not ignored or violated.

The world would be a better place when we start seeing the girl child as an important figure in the development and progress of the society, as they make up for a vital part of our social, political and economic lives. However, due to the discrimination against them, their potentials are not fully utilized. If these global visions are achieved before 2030, and women and girls are given equal opportunity to contribute to the development of their community and nation, the various economic crises facing such countries will reduce drastically and at the long run, developing countries will become developed.

I believe in the girl child, I believe in a better world through them, I believe it is time for their voices to be heard and their thoughts put into action, I believe it is time for a change. Let’s support this vision and make the world a better place through love and understanding for these special ones. I support the right of the girl child and equality for all.

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