You Can Make a Difference

Join our #OneAugustSmile Campaign and bring positive change to your community.

Simple Steps on How to Participate

1 - Choose a Project

Create a Project idea focused on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

2 - Submit your Project

Submit your project on our website by filling a form –

3 - Execute your Project

Execute your project and tag us using #OneAfricanChild and #OneAugustSmile


The project comes alive in August. Here’s how it all pans out:

Announcement Day – Wednesday July 18, 2018


7:00pm – 7:30pm




First Announcement

By Victoria Ibiwoye, Executive Director

Hashtag Campaign begins
It marks the first official announcement of #OneAugustSmile Campaign.

Commencement of Registration – Friday July 20, 2018


JULY 20 - AUG. 15




Registration begins

How to register
Click here to start your registration for #OneAugustSmile project.

OAC Masterclass – Saturday July 21, 2018


7:00pm - 8:00pm




Enlightenment continues

Get More Information about the Project
You can join the OAC Masterclass on WhatsApp on Saturday night to learn more about the #OneAugustSmile Project.

Project Evaluation Begins – Friday July 27, 2018


JULY 27 - AUG. 21




Project Evaluation and Modification Starts

Evaluation Begins amidst Registration
All submitted projects will be evaluated and possibly modified by the monitoring and evaluation team.

Registration continues but early registration is highly encouraged.

Project Execution Begins – Wednesday, August 1, 2018


AUG. 1 - AUG. 21




Project Execution and Key Activities Start

Execute Your Project
After the evaluation of your submitted project, you will be given the permission by the monitoring team to go ahead with the execution of your project.

All you need to do is to execute your project!

Just do it!

By August 1, you still have the opportunity to register.

Training Begins – Wednesday, August 8, 2018


AUG. 8 - AUG. 21




Training on How to Execute Your Project

Get Trained
You will be trained on how to effectively execute your project; turn your idea into reality.

During this time, you can still register your project if you are yet to do so.

Collation of Project Reports – Tuesday, August 28, 2018


AUG. 28 - SEPT. 15




Submission of Project Reports and Final Evaluation

Submit your Report
At the end of a successful project execution, you are expected to submit a detailed report highlighting the impact of your project.

We want to see the smiles…

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We don’t need a million dollars to make the world better, all we need is a willing heart. Helping others is a noble profession. It’s time to bring your ingenuity to the fall as world leaders so make it count in an interesting way.

We currently have a physical presence in Nigeria, Kenya and Benin Republic. We are a group of energetic and passionate youths championing the cause of positive change in our local communities.

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