About Mukuru Promotional Center

OneAfricanChild Kenya (OAC Kenya) embarked on an ESD project that targeted  51 former street children enrolled into a one-year rehabilitation program at Mukuru Promotional Centre. The centre uses both formal and informal approaches to education depending on the age range of the children.
The older ones are equipped with technical skills such as carpentry which will make them self-independent when they graduate from the programs by being assigned to an employer. The main challenges faced by the institution are low self-esteem and relapse to use of drugs given that the students were previously addicts. However, their addiction tendencies are addressed by guidance and counseling which is the main focus of their program.


Our Project

Facilitators from OAC Kenya were able to reach 51 students by training and equipping them on self-awareness with an objective to build their self-awareness which is an important element towards realizing one’s self-identity. While gathering feedback from the children on the significance of self-awareness, one of the students, Fredrick Omondi, said, “Self-awareness is being able to make decision for myself.”
Through the training, we were able to tackle a number of issues that contribute to one’s identity and character such as personal belief, feelings, values, weaknesses, strengths, and hobbies. During this session, we gave them the opportunity to draw what or who they would like to become when they grow up. This session inspired them that they could become whoever they wanted to be and at the same time through art get to showcase and develop their creativity.
“Self- awareness is about knowing oneself,” said Zephania Shaka, one of the children at Mukuru Promotional Center.

Leadership was the second aspect that was tackled and the objective of this session was to make them understand that leadership is not about position or leading a group but it begins with being able to take charge of your actions and feelings not only towards yourself but also those you are living with.

Lastly, the children were engaged in games meant to foster critical thinking, cooperation and build them into active citizens that will value the opinion of others and be able to voice their concerns as they participate in the decision-making process; an idea that is emphasized by Global Citizenship Education.


Comments from Volunteers

It was a great learning experience for me and my family who join me am glad the kids learnt a lot. ~Agatha Nelima
I have been to many other projects before but this particular project was unique given that it was much of interactive and learning experience full of fun not only for the children but also for the facilitators. ~Jeffrey Kosgei
The boys at the Centre taught me it is not too late to dream again. Our dreams don’t die; they lie in limbo awaiting the right push, either by others or by ourselves.
~ Becky Ntinyari
It was an eye opening and challenging at the same time. Am looking forward to the subsequent visit.
~Natalie Atieno


We are grateful to the Management of Mukuru Promotion Centre and all our volunteers for making this session not only possible but also successful.
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