OneAfricanChild Media team met with Miss Vivian last week for an interview. Vivian (aka Viveeyan) is a volunteer with OAC Lagos region. In the chat, she shares about her life goals and some of her OAC experiences.

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Tell us about yourself

My name is Vivian. I am a performing songwriter, Law graduate, and lover of music and movies.


I am very passionate about music especially songwriting. Creating melodies and writing words is an activity I derive a lot of satisfaction from. There is joy in hearing finished music, structured properly with beautiful intentional lyrics. It is exciting knowing that it was once just an idea in your head. It’s like watching your baby grow to maturity, beautiful! I am working towards officially starting my songwriting service outfit and I look forward to writing beautiful music for people.


Treat others the way you will love to be treated. Never waste time doing anything if you won’t put your heart in it.

Likes and Dislike

I like food. 😂 I like music, I like words, I like stability, I like sci-fi movies, wildlife documentaries.
I dislike fickleness.
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Career Goals

I want to be a very accomplished songwriter and entertainment Lawyer. I’ll be unveiling my songwriting business very soon and I cannot wait to share all I have learnt with the world and help make good music. I’ll also be going to law school soon.

How did you learn about OAC and reason(s) for joining?

Am I allowed to “famz”? 😂😂😂 The awesome golden-hearted Victoria was my course mate in the university. I heard about OAC via another wonderful coursemate who had joined, Pemi Lawal. I was excited and impressed and immediately asked to be a part of it all.


I joined because I wanted to be part of the good. A part of helping to change something in the world for better. Victoria is an agent of change and it is amazing to see how many people she has been able to get to see her vision, not by coercion, but by example, a good heart, dedication, commitment to her vision. It is very hard to see her be so in love with fueling change and not want to be a part of it.

Experience so far

One word “Amazing”

Please share with us your best moments in OAC

I do not have a specific moment as there are so many moments that are worthy of note. But I am also happy whenever a new volunteer comes on board. One more wonderful human who wants to leave the world better than they met it. One more soldier for the cause.

What do you think of OAC in the universe?

OneAfricanChild in the universe, is the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. It is the biblical salt of the earth bringing out the God-flavours of the world. OAC is fostering change, bringing to light on issues swept under the carpet. The African child is important and OAC is all about advocating for the African Child and addressing issues affecting African children and ensuring that the world loves them enough to ensure premium quality of life for them. The focus is children because those are the adults of tomorrow. If we want a better world, a better people, children should be the focus. OAC has dug its roots deep and will stand the test of time.
Thank you.
Thank you for your time and for sharing your OAC story Vivian!
This was made possible by our amazing team:
Interviewers: Elizabeth and Blessing Uwisike.
Editor: Victoria Ibiwoye



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