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Tell us about yourself

My name is Temidayo Sangoyomi, nickname: Shungs. I’m a recent graduate of civil engineering working at Turning Point Engineering Limited. I come from Kwara State, Nigeria.


I’m Passionate about Engineering, media, education, serving God and a bit of politics.

What are your guiding life philosophies?

Some of my guiding life philosophies are:
-continually improve on yourself.
-turn your complains to contributions
-there is always room for more

What are your career goals and life ambitions?

My career goal is to be an engineer, most especially contributing to the development of water resources (an aspect of civil engineering). Working to solve societal problems of flooding, irrigation challenges, lack of access to portable water etc. Also, to contribute to the development of wherever I am, most especially in the aspect of education.
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What inspires you?

The Grace of God inspires me. Also, the exemplary life of some past heroes and outstanding feats of people this day gives me inspiration.

How did you learn about OAC and reason(s) for joining?

During the second year of my undergraduate studies, I went with my hostel to a charity outreach as part of the celebration of the hostel’s 50th year anniversary week. It was a collaborative visit with One African Child to Jesus Children Mission Home. During the visit, I got to chat with Victoria Ibiwoye, OAC founder, and she told me more of what the organization stands for, this spurred my interest and I signed up to be a volunteer. Subsequently, I participated in some of her programs. And I’m glad to be a part of OAC!

How has your experience been so far?

My experience at OAC has been amazing. I joined, thinking I had found a platform to give back to society, but I got much more than that. OAC has also imbibed a lot in me through various ways such as learning about the SDGs, being a better educator, teamwork, online masterclass sessions and lots more. Also, the people you get to work with at OAC are inspiring. Every moment has been a valuable one.

How has joining OAC improved your personal and professional life?

As a quiet person, one of the areas I’ve gotten to improve on at OAC is interacting in public, I remember volunteering to take a group of students on one of the SDGs, it seemed a challenging task, but after the first time, I gained more confidence and courage.
The SDG can be better achieved in my society through the participation of everyone, it’s not only the government or concerned organizations that are responsible.
Through the exposure of OAC to education goals, I have been able to suggest a summer spelling bee contest to my local church, which has been implemented annually since about 4yrs ago, to date.


What do you think of OAC in the Universe?

I feel OAC is doing good with our activities and there are limitless opportunities, especially in this side of the world we are starting from, Africa.

Parting Words

Thank you OAC for this opportunity.



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