Tell us about yourself

My name is Silas Chinedu Ishie. I’m from Ukwani local government, Delta State in Nigeria. I’m a development enthusiast.

What are you most passionate about?

I would say people. Being better and making people better is my guiding principle. I get so much fulfillment when I see myself develop and then pass on what I’ve learnt to others in my sphere of influence.

What are your guiding life philosophies?

• Do to others what you want them to do to you
• Be better, make others better and the world would be a better place
• Never settle for less, there’s always more.

What are your career goals and life ambitions?

My short-term goal is to get an MBA and be a topnotch consultant.
My long-term goal is to become a certified life coach.
My life ambitions… I intend to have s school where children’s lives are molded and their destinies built. I also intend on having a media platform where ideas can be shared on proffering solutions to Africa’s problems. This platform would be for Africans.

Do you have specific likes and dislikes? If yes, tell us.

Likes, hmm… That would be honesty. Just be down to earth and we’re cool.

What view has volunteering with OAC changed for you?

Volunteering with OAC has helped me understand that there are no ‘dull ‘ children. Every child has his or her own unique way of learning. It could be visual audio or a combination of both. Also learning pace for each child differs from another.

How did you learn about OAC and reason(s) for joining?

I learnt about OAC from a dear friend- Roland Aiwone who happens to also be a volunteer with OAC. He told me about the core values, vision and mission of OAC and it resonated with me. The mission of reaching out to one child at a time through creative learning caught my attention. I wanted to be a part of a cause that was bigger than me and OAC was and is and would always be a perfect platform.

How has your experience been so far?

It’s been an awesome experience of self-development and being able to give back to the society. Thank you OAC!

How has joining OAC improved your personal and professional life?

That would be communication skills. My ability to convey information clearly has greatly improved. Also my interpersonal skills have also improved.

Please share with us your best moments in OAC.

Wow, this is a difficult one (lol). Every moment spent has been all shades of awesome. One of the striking ones was the street tour we had on children’s day in Ibadan where we celebrated the street kids by giving them gifts and showing them some love. It was a fulfilling experience.

How can the SDGs be better achieved in your society?

I would say more vibrant volunteers , this would make achieving this goals a reality. Also more awareness in what SDGs mean and what the goals are would stir up the society in working towards achieving these goals.

What do you think of OAC in the Universe?

OAC is a beacon of hope. It’s a gift to the universe.

Parting Words

Learning never ends, you’re never too old to learn. The moment you stop learning, you start dying. Be a lifelong learner.
Thank you.
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