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What’s your passion?

Putting smiles on people’s faces, anyway and anyhow that I can. That’s what I look forward to doing every time I plan my day.

What are your career goals?

Getting a doctoral degree before 33. Establishing a farm that solves the problem of hunger in my own little way.

Please share your life philosophy

Let’s all do good, Life would be much easier that way. Planning bad things for others is too much stress🤷🏼‍♂🤷🏼‍♂🤷🏼‍♂..
_In all you do, Just do good!_


Likes and Dislike

Honesty, like, just be real and we are good!
Pride, as well as people who are _two-faced_
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What inspires you?

From the shiny blades of the grasses on the fields to the blossoming flowers to the water bodies…
Nature inspires me!

How did you learn about OAC?

I was surfing the internet that fateful evening. I kept on seeing _Victoria Ibiwoye_ and then I decided to check out who she was, and there it was! The opportunity I had been waiting for, to join a platform like OAC.

Reason for joining OAC

Growing up, I had a first-hand knowledge of what it means to be under-privileged, for a while I stayed in an area where the children did not even know where their next meals would be coming from, and they still tried to study always going to school happily. Some of them are doing well for themselves now, unfortunately, others are not.
All those experiences created a burden in my heart to help Children in any way I can, and I always promised myself that whenever I get the right platform, I’d make good use of it!

Experience so far

The experience has been refreshing, educating and exciting and to think I joined several months back, and the experience has been this great, I look forward to more years of Volunteering!

What favorite skill(s) have you gained from volunteering?

Human relations and Teamwork!!
Volunteering has made me do things I never thought I could do -talk to people. I would normally not talk to not because I am proud, but I might just be shy.
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What are your best moments with OAC?

I think it’d have to be last year’s Children Day Celebration. OAC Ibadan region had a street tour where we celebrated Children on the street and made them feel special too.
We met so many young kids, but two of them made a mark in my heart.
The first was Aisha, she was lively, she was smart and beautiful too, regardless of the condition she found herself!
I can’t remember the other boy’s name, but as he told his story, I could feel the pain he was going through I remember Mr.Temitope Arise, a fellow OAC volunteer collected the sachet water he was hawking and then I went to talk to him. From the corner of his eyes, I think I saw a tear almost drop from his eyes!
That was a moment I would always remember!

What do you think of the role OAC plays in the universe?

A beacon of hope!
There are thousands, if not millions of Children out there, who need just someone who’d cheer them on to victory, someone to support their dreams, someone to make them feel special regardless of their imperfections, someone who would not give up on them and bring out their inner giants.
For me, I see OAC as a beacon of hope!

Parting Words

Thank you for this privilege. I hope to do more and achieve great things together with everyone in OneAfricanChild Foundation . In all we do, let us remember to do good!



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