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Tell us about yourself

Kawthar Omisore by name, a student of the prestigious Law faculty, a writer and an entrepreneur.

What are you most passionate about?

I am passionate about impacting positively into the lives of children and ensuring equity irrespective of gender ethnicity, religion. I am also passionate about life and it’s secured success, and also books for not only do they help me find words for what I already know but through them, I am able to travel round the world without moving my feet.

What are your guiding life philosophies?

The reflection of life to life itself.

What are your career goals and life ambitions?

A successful and well-renowned judge.
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Do you have specific likes and dislikes? If yes, tell us.

It’s relative.

What inspires you?

My goals and desires.

How did you learn about OAC and reason(s) for joining?

Learnt about OAC from a friend of mine, Christiana Ibiwoye and joined because of my wanting for change and the desire to impact positively if not all into the lives of children.

How has your experience been so far?

Splendid and mind-blowing I must say.

How has joining OAC improved your personal and professional life?

Communicating and interacting skills.

Please share with us your best moments in OAC.

To be honest, every moment has been wonderful so far. Ranging from the Ebunlomo primary school visitation, to the trainings, birthday celebrations, environmental and peace awareness day, Abadina children’s day visitation, and many more.

How can the SDGs be better achieved in your society?

The SDG goals can be achieved by implementing reforms and laws that guarantees access to justice for all, equal rights for women in the sphere of life for it is only when girls and women are equal partners to boys and men that we can truly achieve our goals. Furthermore, accountability and cooperation among political institutions, as well as  creating better opportunities for farmers, raising awareness on the dangers of food wastage, and ensuring availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation.

What do you think of OAC in the Universe?

A well-established non-governmental organization dedicated to taking action for a child at a time worldwide. To put down the root, OAC in the universe simply makes the universe a better place.

Parting Words

Life is easy but not simple, thus you only bloom when you truly realize that you are the strength beyond your weaker days.



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