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Tell us about yourself

My name is Akibu Feyikemi; I am a student of the department of History, University of Ibadan.


I’m passionate about gender equity. I’m passionate about education for now. I dislike discrimination, but gender equity eliminates discrimination while providing equally for all with no one being left out. Thus no individual ends up feeling bad due to an absence of discrimination. Education attained can either be informal or formal but either way it has to be sound and sustainable. Most people are who they are due to the knowledge they have been able to acquire. I view education as offering knowledge you have been fortunate to acquire to others who been opportune to have such an opportunity and thus it gets to me when individuals mishandle this opportunity.

What are your guiding life philosophies?

I actually do not have any philosophy; I simply follow my heart and seek equity in all things.

What are your career goals and life ambitions?

I want to be a change agent; whether it is fighting for gender equity or being a champion for the education of the girl child.

Do you have specific likes and dislikes. If yes, tell us.

I hate to be ignorant of something. I love to explore new things and love fashion.
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What inspires you?

My mom is my inspiration.

How did you learn about OAC and reason(s) for joining?

I got the information from my friend, who is an executive.

How has your experience been so far?

 It has been more than worth it so far, OAC has an amazing team spirit that keeps it running.

What’s your best moment in OAC?

Can’t specifically identify one as every moment has been wonderful and fun so far.

What do you think of OAC in the Universe?

OAC becoming an educational instruments of hope, if that makes sense.  Literally OAC being a source of hope to every child’s dream educationally.

Parting Words

Life is too short, the most frustrating people are those who make excuses, be productive.



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