Everything You Need To Know About OAC Volunteers’ Month in 2017

Everything You Need To Know About OAC Volunteers’ Month in 2017

It’s August again and as the Director of Programs, this is one of my most exciting months of the year. This is the month our volunteers independently make a meaningful impact in the lives of people around them.

OAC Volunteers’ Month is all about volunteers. Volunteers decide on personal projects to carry out in this month and try to execute them before the month runs out. For the most part of the year, OAC has educated its volunteers on different topics that help them become better persons and create more value for the communities around them. This is the month when everything goes into practice. We also welcome non-OAC members who want to share in reaching out to people during this month.

Last year, we had about 25 projects, which reached over 1000 beneficiaries. This year, we are looking to reach more people with our impact.  Perhaps 3000. Yes, that is possible if we have do something. Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.

Below is the duration of the project.


August 1- Publicity and Enlightenment begins, Submission of project proposals through Google Form
August 8- Publicity continues, Training commences, Project Execution kicks off
August 15- Registration continues, publicity continues, project execution continues
August 21- Execution Begins, Hashtag campaign for Project Execution continues
August 28- Collation of Project Reports kicks off, Evaluation is done.

From last year’s projects, I have compiled a list of sample projects you can work on. However, we look forward to new creative and innovative projects this year.


1. Organize a training for kids on any of the ESD/GCED topics.
2. Donate items to a nearby charity home.
3. Educate people on any of the ESD/GCED topics in an online/offline session as it could help them in improving the lives of young people around them.
4. Share educational materials that could range from books to other school items like uniforms to students unable to afford them.
5. Spend time with young people who feel neglected either in homes or in your street.
6. Hold a career talk for young people in your area.
7. Mobilize young people in your area to take action against a communal problem.
8. Hold a reading exercise with young people in your area.
9. Teach young people in your community a new activity/lesson e.g. lessons on first aid/traffic rules/importance of education/ICT
10. Write and share a blog post/run an online campaign on quality education.


1. Pick a project of your choice
2. Fill out the OAC Volunteers Month project form.
3. Wait for a reply from OAC to go ahead with your project.
4. Execute your project
5. Fill out the Report Form to share your feedback.
6. Share pictures of your activity online and tag us OneAfricanChild.

If you need any help concerning how to execute your projects, please contact the following

Tosin: +234 809 299 5621
Habeeb: 08054083200 (Whatsapp Only)
Rene: +237 674346639 (WhatsApp)

Or any your local coordinators.

I look forward to an impactful month.

Once again, this is the link to the project form – https://goo.gl/forms/k5d3G4v010Tho4DQ2

Best Regards,

Habeeb Kolade

Director of Programs, OneAfricanChild Foundation

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